Naughty and unfounded narrative: Piyush Goyal after his comment of 'Einstein discovered gravity' trolley

NEW DELHI: Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Union Piyush Goyal on Thursday he was massively trolled on the Internet with Twitter users having a field day posting memes and jokes about his apparent farce in an event here in which he inadvertently attributed the discovery of gravity to Albert Einstein .

The minister hastened to issue a clarification and stated that his comments were taken out of context, misunderstood and sought to be presented with a very mischievous and unfounded narrative.

It seeks to present a very naughty and unfounded narrative about my final comments at the meeting of the board of commerce this morning. I was commenting on encouraging the Indian industry/Indian business to aim for an export target of one billion dollars over the next five years and to encourage and excite the export community Goyal He said in a statement.

He said that a section of the media sought to eliminate the context of his comments and took a line to create a very naughty narrative.

Earlier today Goyal had remarked that one should not be concerned with GDP math like math never helped Einstein discovers gravity . Goyal made the comments while speaking to media persons following a meeting with the Board of Trade and sought to instill confidence that India was on right track to achieve the target of making the economy worth $ 5 trillion in the next five years.

The trade minister said: The comment I made had a certain context. Unfortunately, some friends have tried to eliminate the context, take a line and create a very naughty narrative. I would like to share with people exactly the context with which I made the comment.

I said 'Let's work together collectively with new ideas, with a new spirit of engagement and with new ideas believing nothing is impossible and together we can achieve the one trillion dollar target. I said' don't get into the calculation, don ' t get into maths, maths has not helped and shall discover gravity, Goyal reproduced his comments.

He said the next line along with it is not added and is displayed correctly.

After this, I said 'If I had gone only for a structured formula and what was past knowledge. I don't think there would have been any innovation in this world. ' This operational line has not been projected correctly, it is an effort to make people trust, give them the spirit of positivity and, in that spirit of positivity, I believe that if we live in the past, we can never get young people to reach a level very ambitious objectives. This is a nation of young people who dare to dream big things in life and the whole group gathered at the meeting of the trade board today goes enthusiastically, said the minister.

He added: Commitment and confidence that we can export a billion dollars, we will go beyond the past, we will go beyond the structured way of thinking, we will break old barriers and compromise the rest of the world so that we can convert in an exporting country of a billion dollars.