Much has changed in Bhopal since the decriminalization section 377

A lot has changed in the city since Section 377 was read a year ago. Today we are finding acceptance. As it is no longer a crime to be gay I can hold my partner's hand and say yes, we are in a relationship, says educator Prakash Jha, and adds: During this year's pride march, many new people joined us as allies.

After the first anniversary of the historic ruling of the Supreme Court of September 6, several members of the queer community in Bhopal They met at the yacht club to celebrate the occasion.

Dressed in t-shirts with slogans such as #Happy and #Love, colorful posters in hand, the community told her happiness about the verdict a year ago and how the news had spread like wildfire in the city.

However, they also added that unlike bigger cities, Bhopal has a long way to go when it comes to accepting the LGBTQIA + community.

Although it would be a mistake to say that nothing has changed after Section 377, I myself have found that the intensity of the taboo is decreasing, but the stigma still exists in the city, says performing arts student Jennifer Anthony. Gyan Thapa, student of Gandhi Medical College , he adds, “Many people have come out in the last year, and it took a lot of courage. People are starting a conversation on this topic and now it also highlights the needs of the community. The communication gap and lack of understanding still exist, but these small victories still count. ”

But things are worse in smaller towns, they say. Hailing from a nearby district of Bhopal, Saheb Khan * says, “I don't even know if someone else from the LGBTQIA + community exists in my district. I haven't come across a single person so far. I don't even know how my parents will react when I tell them. I think their world will turn upside down. I really wish I can tell them some day that I have a partner, who makes me very happy. ”

Then, they expect the government to rule out other regressive laws surrounding the community’s right to subrogation , adoption and marriage.