Akshaye Khanna: Many do not know how consent will differ. The movie section 375 will be a revelation

Of Pink to Mulk , many dramas in a court Bollywood Le he obligado to pensar y comprender el funcionamiento del sistema legal. El elenco de Section 375 claims that the upcoming film, which sheds light on Section 375 of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC), it will be one of those films. “Do you know the difference between consent and will? Many educated women and men do not know the difference and should know it. This movie will be a revelation for the audience, who will know a lot about how the law works, he said Akshaye Khanna , which was in Delhi, along with the rest of the cast of the film, for promotions.

Richa Chadha added, “More awareness needs to come about Section 375 . I think both men and women need to read this law carefully. We are hoping that after watching this film, there would be more awareness.”

RAN_3085 Meera Chopra , Rahul Bhat , Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadha were in Delhi to promote the film

Akshaye dijo además: “Cuando vimos la película, sentimos que en realidad estábamos sentados entre la audiencia y viendo los procedimientos judiciales en vivo. Esperamos que el público sienta lo mismo. Esta película será una experiencia cinematográfica inusual para ellos y estoy muy emocionado de ver su reacción to la película .

Echoing the sentiment, actress Meera Chopra said, “We also had to screening of the film in Singapore and the one common feedback we received from the audience was that they felt like they were actually witnessing to court proceeding.”

“This film is about law and justice, truth and lies. We might declare people guilty on the social media, but this film is about what happens in reality, ”Rahul Bhat concluded.