Tujhse Hai Raabta update, September 10: Aao Saheb accuses Swara of being a thief

The last episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta It begins with Aao Saheb accusing Swara of being a thief. When Kalyani tries to control Swara, she asks him to stay out of his business.

Malhar is seen playing with his son, Moksh. Kalyani tells him that she feels good, looking at him smiling and expressing his emotions. Malhar says that he is very happy. Kalyani holds his hand and tells him that she is equally excited.

Malhar worries about his sister's stealing habit and realises that she did this on purpose so that she could get arrested. Kalyani tells him to not worry.

Sarthak asks Malhar 's father if he has made a mistake by coming here. He says that he didn't know where to go after the incident and that incident is our secret. He says we need to hide it from Malhar and the Deshmukh family.

Kalyani is walking on the road and a truck is behind her. The driver tries to warn Kalyani but his honk stops working. Malhar after seeing this screams Kalyani 's name.

Kalyani 's mother asks Amita if they have met before. She asks her if she has ever delivered saree to her. Amita says that she must be mistaken and that she always buys sarees from the store.

Amita tells Sarthak that it was Anupriya who came to meet them the night of July 26.

Atharv asks Swara to play with him, which irritates Swara. Swara tells him he doesn't want to play with him. Swara sees Sarthak standing behind and starts acting differently.

Kalyani gives the imli to Swara, which she throws on the ground. And asks Kalyani to stay away from her and to not have any sort of relationship with her.