I don't care about criticism of my cavalry: boycott

LONDON: His cavalry is being questioned due to an old case of domestic violence in France, but the legendary Englishman Geoffrey boycott He says he doesn't take a shot, since he has been honored solely for his success in cricket.

After being knighted by the former British prime minister Theresa May The boycott was severely criticized by the female parliamentarian of the United Kingdom Harriet harman , who asked for a review of the disconcerting decision to honor a man who was convicted in a French court in 1998 for assaulting his girlfriend, Margaret Moore.

The boycott reacted angrily and was cited by BBC Radio 4 Today's program that did not take a shot at the criticism of activists against domestic abuse, including Adina Claire, the co-acting executive director of Women's Aid, who described her honor as extremely disappointing.

I don't care about his love (Claire). It was 25 years ago. You can take your political nature and do what you want with it. You want to talk to me about my cavalry, it's very nice that you have me, but I couldn't give it a shot, he said.

Twenty-five years ago, love, in a French court, she tried to blackmail me for 1 million pounds. I said no, because in England if you pay some money, we think: 'Wait, there must be something there.'

I said: 'I'm not paying anything' ... I'm not sure I received a million at that time, he added.

The boycott said that the cavalry was a recognition of his achievement in cricket. He did 8114 races for England of 108 tests and then became a respected commentator.

This is just the recognition of my cricket, he said.

(It's) very nice, very honored, thankful to Theresa May and I thank all the people that supported me and cared for me throughout my cricketing career.

The boycott, which received a 5,000-pound fine and received a three-month jail sentence suspended for the incident at a French hotel in 1996, was named a gentleman on the May waiver honors list alongside another former England batter. Andrew Strauss .

The boycott has always denied the charge.

It is a court case in France where you are guilty, which is one of the reasons why (I) did not vote to stay in Europe, because you are guilty until your innocence is proven. That is quite the opposite of England and it is very difficult to prove that you are innocent in another country and in another language, he said.

Most people in England don't believe it. I did not do it. Go ahead. It's a cross that I have to endure, right or wrong, right or wrong, I have to live with that. And I do it, because I am clear in my mind and I think that most people in England say it is not true.