Sanjivani Update 2, September 10: Petition filed against Dr. Ishani

the last episode of Sanjivani 2 Start with Asha comforting Ishani. She tells him that she is different and very talented. Ishani replies, that it is just her who think of her this way, rest everyone else hates her.

Sid confronts Rishabh and asks him why did he put all of those posters? To which Rishabh replied and says that he hasn't put any posters.

Dr. Shashank is frustrated because a patient slapped his daughter. Dr. Preeti tries to calm him down. She asks him to express his love towards his daughter.

Rishabh tells Sid that a petition has been filed to remove Dr. Ishani from Sanjivani. But Rishabh then sees Dr. Ishani standing behind him and starts acting innocent and questions Sid about the posters and the petitions. This creates confusion between Dr. Ishani and Sid.

Dr.Juhi tries making Dr.Anjali understand by telling her that she should not read into the matter much. Dr. Ishani says that she doesn't want to take any sort of action. Dr. Juhi asks Ishani to leave, is she doesn't want to take any sort of action.

Rishabh tells Ishani that he is spoken to Dr.Juhi and has dismissed the petition filed and that he thinks she should work with him instead of Sid .

Dr. Shashank asks Anjali if she is feeling okay. the patient then apologises to Dr. Anjali and says that he understands that his behaviour was totally unacceptable.

Ishani receives a message from Dr. Sid through Risahbh's phone, asking her to come and meet him in the ambulance.

Ishani gets shocked seeing Sid instead of Rishabh and asks the ambulance to stop. He tells her that the ambulance is not going to stop. Rishabh forces her to listen to him, Ishani out of frustration slaps Rishabh for forcing her.