Agnisakshi written update, September 10: Maya confronts Shourya and Anjali

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Anjali gets angry when he realizes that Kushi holds Shourya's drawing in his hand. She attacks Kushi and warns him not to touch his belongings without his permission. Then he grabs Kushi and pushes her out of the room.

Sannidhi notices that Kushi is crying and asks him the reason behind his sadness. In a very low tone, Kushi reveals that he saw Anjali and Shourya speaking privately. She also mentions about Shourya's sketch in Anjali's room. Sannidhi begins to suspect about the incident, but manages to comfort Kushi. She asks him not to worry about anything and leaves the place.

On the other hand, Shourya calls Anjali and asks him to meet him personally. Anjali initially denies it, but Shourya manages to convince her.

Fearing that Shourya would visit his house. Anjali decides to meet him privately and admonishes him for blackmailing her. While Shourya begs Anjali to listen to his words, Maya intervenes and confronts them about their secret meeting.

Meanwhile, Akhil notices that Maya follows Anjali and asks Tanu if he is aware of the incident. Tanu, as always, suspects Akhil and asks him to show concern for Maya. Akhil is devastated with Tanu's response and leaves the place.