The LGBTQIA + community in Patna celebrates a year of union

On September 6, a historic trial was delivered last year, which decriminalized Consensual homosexual sex and scrap Section 377. Shortly after the verdict, the LGBTQIA + community organized a large celebration event in Patna. This year too, they gathered in a place to celebrate the successful year of legalization of homosexuality. They distributed sweets and encouraged each other to be strong in their struggles.

The trial increased trust among those who feared accepting it. Reshma Prasad, secretary, Dostanasafar, said: “Homosexuality is not a crime and we are all grateful to the Indian judiciary for accepting the fact. Now, LGBTQIA + should not fear since the Indian court is with them. It is a great relief. Scrapping section 377 made us feel that our community is also part of this democracy. Previously, gay people were mistreated. As transgender people like us cannot reproduce, we were also affected by this act. Now things have changed a little, but there is still much to do for our rights.

LGBTQIA + believes that although they have won the first step, their fight will continue for many more rights. Rahul (name changed) said: “We have won the first fight, but our struggles are not over yet. Society is not yet ready to accept us. In fact, when I talked to my mother about it last year, she was surprised. So, first we have to convince our parents, and then society, so that we get the same rights. ”

In sharing similar views, Mohit, a member of the community, said: “I thank the Supreme Court for this ruling, which has given us the courage to speak for our rights. Now, I ask our legislators to make sure it is implemented so that we can open up about our relationships. Even now, some of us are afraid to talk about it in our workplaces and in other social gatherings. ”