Chidambaram makes the family post a message on Twitter and expresses concern about the state of the economy

NEW DELHI: Main leader of the Congress P Chidambaram On Wednesday, he expressed concern about the state of the economy and questioned the government about his plan to get the country out of this decline and sadness.

Chidambaran, who was sent to judicial custody at Tihar prison last week in connection with the INX Media corruption case, asked his family to post his message on Twitter.

The former finance minister also praised the ability of the poor to distinguish between justice and injustice.

I asked my family to tweet the following on my behalf: Thank you all for your support. I must say that I am surprised by the ability of the poor (with whom I had the opportunity to meet and interact in the last days). ) to distinguish between justice and injustice, he tweeted.

I am deeply concerned about the economy. The poor are the most affected. Less, less jobs, less trade and less investment affect the poor and the middle class. Where is the plan to get the country out of this decline and sadness? The veteran leader of Congress asked on his Twitter account.

Chidambaram on Monday asked his family to post a message from him on Twitter. He urged the authorities not to arrest the agents who were involved in giving authorization to INX Media when he was minister of finance, saying that none of them did anything wrong.

He was put behind bars last Thursday, hours after a CBI court sent him to judicial custody for two weeks in the case of INX Media, an unprecedented setback for the veteran of Congress who even offered to surrender to the Compliance Department in a desperate attempt to save itself. The ignominy of going to prison.

The IWC registered an FIR on May 15, 2017, alleging irregularities in the authorization of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) granted to the INX Media group for receiving funds abroad of Rs 305 million rupees in 2007 during the Chidambaram's mandate as finance minister.

Subsequently, the ED presented a case of money laundering in this regard in 2017.

INX Media had requested authorizations from the FIPB on March 13, 2007 to obtain permission to issue, through a preferential allocation, up to 14.98 capital shares to three non-resident entities: Dunearn, NSR PE and New Veron Pvt Equity Ltd.