InMobi product increases Ths co Rs 330 crore

BENGALURU: InMobi's mobile consumer product, Glance, has closed an investment of $ 45 million (Rs 330 million rupees) from Peter Thiel's Mithril Capital. Glance offers customized content powered by artificial intelligence to what is called zero screen smartphones. Every time a user wakes up their phone, their lock screen comes alive with new visual and interactive content (news, games, videos) customized for them, without the need to enter an application.

Glance is available in several Android brands in India, including Samsung, Xiaomi and alive. Inmobi co-founder Naveen Tewari He said that as of August 2019, Glance had more than 50 million daily active users, who spent 22 minutes a day on it. It is adding 5-7 million new users every month, he said.

Glance was Inmobi ’s first entry into the consumer space. Its flagship business — which turned it into one of India’s first unicorns — is a mobile marketing & advertising network.