Before the Apple event, Internet users reflect on payment options

NEW DELHI: Before the launch of iPhone 11 , Internet users are preparing for possible strong price tags that will be attached to the new bright devices.

The Apple event is scheduled to begin at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday and as it gets closer, a series of jokes emerged on social networks, with users deriving noble ways to manage the amazing spending usually associated with the products of the company.

A user made a comparison with the price of Apple phones and fines under the new Motor Vehicle Law (amendment).

Dear @Apple, we Indians have already sold our kidney to pay fines during the violation of traffic regulations. This time you must take some other organs as payment. #AppleEvent, tweeted on a lighter note.

Another user pointed out that one might have to sell his kidney to buy the phone.

Apple has added a new payment option for iPhone 11. #AppleEvent, a Twitter user wrote.

Yes! The #AppleEvent is tomorrow! The day I complain about the lack of innovation and I turn around and give them the savings of my life, said another user.

In another comment, a user was seen calculating how the phone will pay.

Trying to calculate how I will pay for the new #iphone as #AppleEvent, the user wrote.

It was officially confirmed that Apple this year will launch a new payment system #AppleEvent, said another user.

@Apple if I give you one of my kidneys ... can it be enough as payment? #AppleEvent, one user lamented.

Apple will broadcast the launch live on YouTube and this is the first time the company decides to broadcast its events on the platform.

Last year, Apple had broadcast its iPhone event on Twitter.