Cardi B attacks the fans for criticizing plastic surgery

American rapper Cardi B He has criticized the followers of social networks for shedding shadow on people who undergo plastic surgery.

The 26-year-old singer went to Instagram on Sunday to send a message to the charlatans about the surgery.

Let me tell you something: I don't like talking about [a] dog's body because I remember the fight, baby, she said in a video shared on Instagram.

I remember when I didn't have fights with the mother, and I remember when I had a funny ass. I only come to people on their body when they talk about me.

She went on to say that there are many natural bitches that come out after those who have made their bodies and behave like two faces on social networks.

All of you are going to say 'Oh, she thinks it's all that because the body was made.' But you are not going to talk about how you were saying under his comments, 'Oh bitch, don't go to the ocean or you will kill all the whales with your fucking plastic mother.' ' she added.

I bet you're not going to say that.

However the 'I like it' The singer said that people should have confidence in themselves and not criticize the appearance of other people.

My sister, she is natural. She has small tits. It has a nice little butt. He doesn't hate the next bitch because he knows if he wants it, he could get it. So they are talking about - About the bodies of these bitches because you want it, or what? Because it sounds like you are hating.