I have even paid well for speeding, says Nitin Gadkari

MUMBAI: In the midst of concern over heavy fines for traffic violations , Minister of the Road and Transport Union Nitin Gadkari on Monday he said that even he has been fined for speeding at the Bandra-Worli seal in Mumbai.

Speaking to journalists about the main decisions of the government led by Modi in his first 100 days, Gadkari also said that the repeal of article 370 and the division of Jammu and Kashmir was the most important achievement of the government.

The criminalization of instant triple talaq and the modified motor vehicle law were some of the Center's great achievements, he said.

I have even paid a fine for speeding up the seal, Gadkari said.

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, passed by President Ram Nath Kovind last month, aims at stricter punishment for violating traffic rules and for imposing discipline on roads.

Approving the amendment of the MV Act is a great achievement for our government. High fines will lead to transparency and (not) will lead to corruption, Gadkari said.

The minister said that road engineering is a reason, along with automotive engineering, for high accident incidents in India.

Highlighting the other important government decisions, he said: Our first achievement is to pass the triple talaq bill and guarantee justice to Muslim women. It was a historic moment.

Hitting in Congress, he said in the 1986 Shah Bano case, the opposition party also overturned the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Gadkari said that the most important achievement of the Modi government for 100 days in office in its second consecutive term is the repeal of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and the division of the state.

Poverty and hunger in Jammu and Kashmir were due to article 370. Pakistan has been conducting a power war there, militants are spreading terror. The platoons also receive financial help, he said.

My department is executing Rs 60 billion rupee works in Jammu and Kashmir, most of them in the construction of tunnels and roads, Gadkari said.