Monali's cousin Dia Roy Chowdhury launches new Bengali single

Kolkata girl Roy Chowdhury Day who is a cousin of a singer Monali Thakur He has lent his voice to Bengali films such as Jor Jar Muluk Tar, Someday Somewhere and Love Connection, along with the reproduction of some television series. 30 years old play singer recently released a Bengali single titled She Tumi.

She Tumi is a romantic melody that can take you on a nostalgic trip instantly. Although he speaks of heartbreak, he also speaks of having hope and having faith in love. While the music is composed of Acharya drone , the lyrics are from Rajib Chakraborty.

Interestingly, Dia had sung this song for a movie that was not used before, so he decided to make a debut of his original composition with this Bengali song.

This is the first music video of the talented singer and Dia says that the experience of being in front of the camera was phenomenal.

“I have filmed for several reality shows and I have been facing the camera, but this time the experience was different. At first I was a bit skeptical, but Aditya Paul's videography made everything seem easy. We recorded the video in and around an abandoned factory in Kolkata. The hot and humid temperature was difficult for us to photograph. Even after playing a couple of lines of the song I had to fix my makeup, ”revealed an elated day.

Watch the music video here: