Omar Abdullah highlights infrastructure problems of Srinagar, blames Center, former government of Ju0026K

SRINAGAR: Leader of the National Conference (NC) Omar Abdullah On Tuesday he said that the urban life of Srinagar The city suffered several problems, adding that neither the Center nor the government invested in the increase of the urban infrastructure of the state capital in the last five years.

The people of Srinagar stand dejected at the paucity of amenities and the appalling condition of roads. The people of Srinagar city were forsaken by the former PDP-BJP government and the present governor's administration proved no different The work on the various vital projects of the city, initiated by our government was unfortunately stalled by the former PDP-BJP regime, Abdullah said, addressing a party function where 11 CMS joined the NC.

Abdullah said that the NC, despite being subject to political scams and conspiracies of various agencies, never left any stone unturned to work for the benefit of the people of the state.

Once in power, we will carry forward the mission of development and work towards ensuring peace in the state with active participation of people. The urban life of Srinagar is fraught with different issues. .

For the last few years, no headway was seen towards upgrading the existing road and transportation infrastructure of the city. The need of the hour, therefore, is to plan to rise up to the demands of the growing population of Srinagar city, said.

The former prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that the absence of an elected popular government in the state was affecting the development scenario of the state.

The responsibility for the miseries that plague the state in the absence of an elected government rests with (the head of the PDP) Mehbooba Mufti . If he had asked the governor to dissolve the Assembly in June of last year, after his former ally had shown him the door, things would have been very different.

Today we would have had an elected government that would take care of the basic needs of the people. However, she chose not to do that and what follows is known to all. It is she who is guilty of putting the state in an abyss, said Abdullah. .