Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Day 46, update: Baba Bhaskar wins the task of captaincy; refuses to be the captain of the house

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 , Vithika It is seen crying. Varun finds faulty behavior lately and says he could be nominated for it. The two argue and finally she enters the bathroom and cries.

In a subsequent discussion, she clarifies that she does not complain against him or have any interest in spending the honeymoon with him at home. She also states that she is not afraid of nominations.

Late at night, Vithika and Varun blame each other for the fight. Vithika asks Varun to nominate her next week.

Rahul wakes up late in the morning. Punarnavi insists upon staying awake. I ignore her words which leaves her teary eyed. She leaves and Ravikrishna rebukes Rahul for hurting Punarnavi. She goes into the washroom and cries.

Following the instructions of Bigg Boss, the housemates nominate Baba, Sreemukhi and Himaja as the contestants who deserve to be the captain and Rahul, Ravikrishna and Shilpa are the candidates that do not deserve it.

When Siva Jyothi informs him of the same, Rahul and Ravikrishna protest against this decision of the housemates. Varun then tries to explain what the house's decision is. When Ravikrishna also tries to explain, Rahul asks him to stop the discussion. Varun is upset about this. He tells Sreemukhi, Ali and others about Rahul's language.

Bigg Boss announces that Rahul and Ravi's punishment is over. While deserving contestants compete for the captaincy, non-deserving contestants help them.

Ravikrishna, Rahul and Shilpa sit in the box. Sreemukhi, Baba and Himaja have to prevent housemates from pouring sand into the candidate's box they don't like. Candidates sitting in the box have to pour the sand. The contestant with less sand in his box is the captain of the house. Varun is the chancellor of the task.

Varun objects Ali’s way of playing the game. Ali gets offended and walks away midway. The argument involves Sreemukhi and Punarnavi as well.

Baba Bhaskar He becomes the next captain of the house.

Punarnavi tries to apologize to Ali but he says he is not interested to talk about it.

Varun tries to explain to Ali who also justifies his game. Sreemukhi interferes and asks Ali to stay calm as a few contestants are trying to provoke him in the issue. Varun also justifies his act to Sreemukhi. Punarnavi gets offended and says that nobody is targeting anyone here. Varun explains his stance to Baba and Sreemukhi.

Baba says he can't be the captain since he feels guilty and is less interested in this. Rahul and Varun try to convince him and force him to stay as the captain.