The call of attention of the death of Anthoine Hubert for F1: Sebastian Vettel

MONZA: four times Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel He insisted on Thursday that sport should make safety his top priority even at the risk of making races boring, in a clear message to the governing bodies of his sport after the death of Anthoine Hubert .

Speaking to journalists before the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, the historic home race of his Ferrari team at the 'Temple of Speed' in Monza, Vettel's request came when F1 considered a calendar of Expanded races after Hubert's death in an F2 accident in Belgium last weekend.

In recent years they have been a wake-up call with the death of Jules (Bianchi) and now Anthoine. It shows that there are still things (to do) ... even if some people think it is too safe and boring.

Vettel distanced himself from any narrative of the past that suggested that the inherent dangers of his sport, which often present themselves in a romantic defense of risks, remained acceptable.

He said the time had come to put aside the vision of racing drivers as gladiators of the last days, defying death on a regular basis.

On Saturday and obviously on Sunday, getting to the race track and driving the race, to some extent, is part of motor racing. It is dangerous. It is part of the emotion, he said.

But I think there are still things we can do better, that we must improve, on which we must work.

"Because, I would rather have boring Formula One championships to the end of ever."

Vettel recognized the majesty of traditional circuits like Spa-Francorchamps, where the French pilot Hubert lost his life and the high speed Monza.

He wants to return and compete in the Ardennes circuit, the scene of many high-speed accidents with a history dotted with deaths.

I am a fan of running in Spa because it is a great track and has a great history. Many of the curves are unique, he said.

But, sure, after what happened, we have to look closely and take some time to understand exactly what happened before drawing conclusions.