The next director's sweater is a love triangle

After Sweater , Shieladitya Moulik is preparing once again to present to his audience a warm surprise. The director is ready to go out with the next one this month. Movie stars still without a title Harp , Saheb Chatterjee and Prantik Banerjee at the head. Produced by Paradise Film Production Company, it is a romantic story that questions the stereotyped notions of love with which we have lived for generations.

“The film will see Harp , Saheb and Prantik in a never-seen-before avatar. Compared to my debut film, Sweater , this one will have a wider emotional reach. The actors are attending workshops to fit into their characters. No matter how complicated the subject is, I always try to narrate it in the simplest of ways. I don’t want my audience to break their heads for decoding scenes. And for that, dialogues must be relatable,” said Shieladitya.

Talking more about the movie, which will be filmed in Kolkata and Arunachal Pradesh , the director said, “It’s a love triangle penned by me that will question the age-old belief that heart is where all the emotions originate. The film will also question if love is a game of the mind or heart.” Harp is very happy to be part of the film. “It questions the stereotypical notions of love. Is heart the main source for love? Does your heart ache when love ends? Does it really beat faster with joy when you see your beloved? Does heart have a mind of its own? We have tried to answer all this in our film,” she said. Saheb, who loved the story, said, “The way the director has dealt with the concept of love is just amazing. Whether my character is guided by heart or mind in terms of love is something I can’t disclose right now.”