Kutty Radhika is back in Kollywood with a vintage horror movie

After a parenthesis of more than a decade, Kutty Radhika He is back in Kollywood. The actress, who is best remembered for her performance in Eiyarkai here, is playing the leading role in Damayanthi , a horror thriller, which is performed in five languages. Directed by Navarasan , the film has Radhika as the protagonist.

“It is a horror thriller, which will be on the lines of Arundhati and Bhaagamathie. I first narrated the script to Anushka Shetty. She really liked the story, but was busy with other commitments. My next choice was Radhika. However, she, too, was busy with a couple of Kannada films. I’d asked her if she could hear the narration. Eventually, she heard the script and loved it. She altered her dates and made time for this project, ”says Navarasan.

The film is being made in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, and will be dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi. He says: The movie takes place in two periods. Radhika plays the daughter of a king. Rajinikanth's friend Raj Bahadur He plays the role of his father, who is quite integral in the script. We create great sets for the film and we are sure that much will be said about it. ”

The film has been shot in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore and parts of Kerala. Navarasan adds, We’re busy with post production work now, and are looking to release the film in November.