Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Punarnavi Bhupalam wants to pursue higher education; Rahul Sipligunj advises her to marry her boyfriend and settle down

Rahul and Punarnavi are one of the most admired couples in the house, but they have always maintained that they are good friends. In the last episode of season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu, best friends have discussed some personal matters between them.

In a conversation with Rahul, who was in jail, Punarnavi says he has a degree (in Psychology) and that he can also make a living. Rahul then suggests that she marry her boyfriend and settle in life. Then he reveals for the first time that he wants to pursue higher education for two more years and then decide. She adds that she has been working since she was 17 and that it is over.

Punarnavi thanks Rahul for his suggestion and shares how much ( Varun , Vithika and Rahul) mean to her. Also share how you will nominate even friends if they make a mistake.

Punarnavi was moved after Rahul ignored his suggestion to stay awake in jail. Later argued with Ali during the task of captaincy.

In one of the previous tasks, the young actress also shared how she lost someone close to her heart in the recent bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. He was linked to Rahul after the latter asked for an appointment. She rejected his proposal by revealing that she has a boyfriend. However, she refused to reveal more details about him.

She is one of the controversial contestants in the house, known for her attitude, analysis and fights in the house.