Arpinder, gold medalist of the Asian Games, defeated in triple jump in the Indian GP

PATIALA: In a disappointing performance, Asian Games champion Arpinder Singh he was pipped by Karthik Unnikrishnan for the Triple jump gold medal in the Grand Prix of India I saw Thursday.

Unnikrishnan had an effort of 16.69m in his final attempt to seal the gold, while Arpinder could not pass the 16.35m he achieved in his second attempt.

Arpinder, 26, who jumped 16.83m while earning gold at the National State. Athletics The championships in Lucknow a few days ago, will miss the world championships that will be held in Doha from September 28.

The qualification standard for the World Championship is 16.95 m and the qualification period ends on Friday at midnight.

In the 4x400m men's relay, the Indian team that participated in the event to improve their timing, won the race by scoring 3: 03.68 but failed in their goal.

As Alex Antony did not recover from the hamstring injury he suffered during the 4x400m relay in Lucknow, the Indian team was composed of Amoj Jacob, Noah Nirmal Tom, KS Jeevan and Muhammed Anas Yahiya.

The quartet won a winning time, but the attempt to time faster than the 3: 01.85 that India recorded in the Asian Games last year was unsuccessful. India now ranked last and 16th for the World Championship qualification.

Similarly, 100m World University Games champion Dutee Chand The bet of sliding below 11.24 seconds did not bear fruit as it won the race in 11.43 seconds. However, it is likely that he will reach the World Championship.

The results:

Men: 100m: 1. Kush Kumar (Bihar) 11.48 seconds; 2. Abhishek Chuadhary (Uttar Pradesh) 11.67; 3. Nikhil Rahangdale (Madhya Pradesh) 12.19.

200m: 1. Gajanand Mistry (AFI A) 21.77 seconds; 2. Sarthak Bhambri (Delhi) 22.05; 3. Nikhil Rahangdale (Madhya Pradesh) 25.72.

Triple jump: 1. U Karthik (Kerala) 16.69m; 2. Arpinder Singh (Punjab) 16.35; 3. Mohammed Salahuddin (Tamil Nadu) 16.33.

Bullet Throw: 1. Inderjeet Singh (Haryana) 198.53m; 2. Jasdeep Singh Dhillon (Punjab) 18.10; 3. Devinder Singh (Punjab) 17.44.

Javelin Throw: 1. Rajender (Haryana) 78.67m; 2. Davinder Singh (Punjab) 78.37; 3. Yashvir Singh (Haryana) 76.19.

Pole Vault: 1. Prashant Kumar Kanhiya (Delhi) 4.90m; 2. Dhirendra Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 4.60; 3. Gourav (Haryana) 4.50.

4x400m relay: 1. AFI 'B' (Amoj Jacob, Noah Nirmal Tom, KS Jeevan and Muhammed Anas Yahiya) 3: 03.68; 2. AFI 'A' 3: 10.55; 3. Sri Lanka 3: 13.08.

Women: 100m: 1. Dutee Chand (Odisha) 11.43 seconds; 2. MV Jilna (Kerala) 11.77; 3. Indu Prasad (Madhya Pradesh) 12.56.

200m: 1. Anjali Devi (Haryana) 23.44 seconds.

400m: 1. V Revathi (Tamil Nadu) 53.63 seconds; 2. Aishwarya Mishra (Maharashtra) 54.72; 3. Payal Vohra (Delhi) 57.51.

1500m: 1. Lili Das (West Bengal) 4: 19.77; 2. WKL ArahchiNimali (Sri Lanka) 4: 25.86; 3. KM Deeksha (Uttar Pradesh) 4: 46.89.

3000 m obstacle course: 1. Sudha Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 10: 00.66; 2. Chinta Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 11: 11.67; 3. Preenu Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 11: 32.63.