'Finals': five reasons to watch Rajisha Vijayan's movie

This festive season, where movies like Ittymaani de Mohanlal: Made in China, Prithviraj's Brother's Day and Nivin Pauly's Love Action Drama compete with each other for the public's attention, Rajisha Vijayan's finals could be considered a dark horse. However, if the history (without pun intended) of Rajisha's films has something to do with it, Arun's public relations director could be victorious when everything is said and done. Here are the five main reasons why you should watch the movie.

It's a sports drama

The finals, which have Rajisha playing as a cyclist, shoot at a larger scale. In essence, it is an emotional story of a father and a daughter, and their struggle against the system and not only their own circumstances as in many Malayalam films we have seen, Arun had told us previously. As for the images, Arun says: “In cricket, people remember Sachin Tendulkar going down the track and hitting Warne by six in Sharjah. For me, that is a bigger show than a stadium full of fans. In that sense, the finals will have many spectacular moments.

Rajisha's stellar performance

Rajisha's previous films, such as June and Anuraga Karikkin Vellam, put her in spellworthy performances and the finals shouldn't be different. “The movie is inspired by the life of a cyclist. Initially I didn't have the ability, but I decided to do my best to play the girl Idukki Alice, the heroine of the Finals. Alice has been riding a bicycle since childhood and, therefore, I have done my best to look like a self-confident cyclist, ”she had told us. We don't have movies about cyclists made in Malayalam or Hindi. I saw videos of the Tour de France and document fictions about cyclists like Lance Armstrong . I also saw my coach Abhirami, international cyclists like Lydia and Sai, who were part of the finals.

Rajisha was also injured twice during the filming of the film. While the first one left with bruises and cuts, the second lesion tore two ligaments from his leg.

Eclectic cast

The film that has a cycling training for the next Olympic Games needs a stellar cast. And PR Arun has caught up in talents as the National Award winning actor Suraj Venjaramoodu and Niranj for fundamental roles in the film.

“Surajettan plays my dad and you can see him constantly picking up things, even from us, newbies, etc. Those like him and Joju Chettan, who acted with me in June, are like a film school in itself. As for Niranj, he is an extremely hardworking actor who wants to prove himself. He wants to make good papers and gives his 100%, said Rajisha.

The melodious songs of Kailas Menon

The musical director Kailash Menon did magic with his effort in his previous film Theevandi through the first hits on the list like Jeevamshamayi and Vijanatheerame. For the finals, he has won talents such as Priya Prakash Varrier, Yazin Nizar and Benny Dayal on the tracks of sports drama.

Maniyanpilla Raju is supporting the movie

Actor Maniyanpilla Raju has produced superhits such as Aye Auto, Chotta Mumbai and Anandhabhadram. Based on his track record, he has more hits than misses and this film too could follow suit.