'Ittymani Made in China': five reasons to see Mohanlal and Honey Rose protagonists

Mohanlal's film - Honey rose 'Ittymani Made in China', directed by rookies Jibi and Joju, will be in theaters on September 6. Yes, everyone loves a Mohanlal movie, but what are the five most compelling reasons why you should devote your time to the movie? Look at these!

1) Mohanlal as a relatable, Malayali achayan

Mohanlal has always rocked his Christian avatar, be it in Manichithrathazhu, Drishyam or Lucifer. In this film, he again plays a Christian, quite a lovable, relatable one at that, who wants to attend his holy mass, pray in the cemetery and go home buying a kilogram of beef.

2) Mohanlal - Honey rose combination

It is only in one film that we saw the sizzling combination of the duo before, in movies. Kanal, which was released a few years ago, is much remembered for their chemistry. The actors come together again in this movie, and Honey plays the role of a nurse named Jessy in the movie.

3) Music of 4 musics and Kailas Menon

While 4 Musics has released quite a few successful albums like Oppam, Villain and Meezan, Kailas Menon is a fairly new entrant in the industry as a composer, with the hit song Jeevamshamai. They have gathered some great songs for the movie, which have already conquered the public.

4) The China factor

Alongside Kochi, the film was also shot in China. Mohanlal and actress Madhuri Braganza have shot their portions and even a song in China! How well will they impress the audience? Let's wait and see.

5) Presence of the actors of very dear characters

Dharmajan Bolgatty, Salim Kumar , Aju Varghese , Hareesh Kanaran ... the film lines up all of them together under the umbrella of Ittymani. We hear that with Mohanlal, they also performed the traditional margam kali dance in one particular scene in the film. Now, who doesn't like to watch the vibrant margam kali performance?

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