The 15-year-old Haryana girl Shafali on the T20I team

NEW DELHI: Shafali Verma He is only 15 years old but is breaking the roof in women's cricket in India. As unconditional of India Mithali Raj moves away from Cricket T20I , the Haryana girl on Thursday joined the team that will face South African women five T20I at home later this month.

This development is very significant for women's cricket in Haryana. Having a 15 year old girl who comes from here is huge. Haryana, unlike other states, has to compete with a strong Olympic sports culture. BCCI treasurer and former secretary of the Haryana Cricket Association (HCA) Anirudh Chaudhry , who facilitated the induction of Shafali in a proper cricket academy in Rohtak three years ago, told TOI on Thursday. Our effort is to create an environment where more girls with small pockets can practice the sport, he added.

For Shafali, who started the sport after seeing Sachin Tendulkar play his last game for Mumbai in Lahli in 2013, he credits his father for allowing him to practice cricket. My father always loved the game, he wanted to follow it, but he couldn't do it. He thought he could fulfill his cricket dream through me. He took me to the nearby academy and I didn't look back from there. Now my five one-year-old brothers also want to play for cricket. My older brother also plays, PTI said.

The selection of Shafali comes at a time when India has increasingly focused on women's cricket. His rise has opened roads to nurture the talent of the pockets. Each association has to deal with different factors to discover how they want to develop women's cricket. But your intention cannot be just to win games. You must make sure to detect and prepare the talent. Even male cricket grew this way. These girls need to have more opportunities at this age. That's why Haryana is also the champion in boys' under-16 cricket, said a proud Chaudhry.