Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, September 5: Sonakshi collapses in Rohit's arms

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Rohit goes to his hospital when he meets his maid's relative. He ignores him, but it is shown that he is the same person who is helping Mhatre hide.

Rohit goes to the hospital and comes to know that Sonakshi has been ousted from her show Kahaani Parvati Ki. He decides to go and meet Sonakshi on the shooting sets of her show.

He wraps up his work at the hospital and on his way, the driver informs him that Sonakshi will wrap up her shoot in a few hours.

On the sets, Sonakshi shoots her last scene for the show. She gets emotional leaving her sets and decides to take a selfie with the crew. Netra decides to meet Sumit to save her show. Sumit puts forth his conditions and asks her to sign a contract with him too that he will not be replaced for a year. He also doubles his fees. Netra has no choice but to accept his conditions.

Sonakshi leaves her sets and goes to the place where she usually sits when she wants to be alone.

She receives a call from her mother asking her to return home and talk to the producer and the channel owner.

Sonakshi disconnects the call and just then Rohit reaches the spot.

He asks her to go with him to dinner. She refuses and shouts at him. She asks him to leave, but instead, he lifts her in his arms and locks her in the trunk of the car.

Rohit asks him to stay there or agrees to come to dinner with him. She gives up and the moment he opens the trunk of the car, she breaks. She tells him that he is innocent and that this show was his life. Rohit tells him that he is sure that Mhatre will soon be caught and that he will be free of charges.