Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, September 5: Kairav ​​asks Kartik to get a better gift for Naira

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Lisa is crying and Naira gets worried Naira and Lisa sit in a car as she listens to her friend's ordeal. Lisa was in a relationship with Akhilesh and it is shown that he is leaving the Goenka mansion after his fight with Surekha.

He tells Surekha that he is leaving for Goa to avoid her and her questions. Akhilesh leaves from there and Lisa misses him.

Lisa is crying and tells Naira how her boyfriend ditched her. Naira asks for his picture or whatsapp number, Lisa says she has only contacted him over phone.

Inside the Goenka mansion, Kartik Dadi asks him to select a pair of gold bracelets for Vedika. Without looking at them, he keeps his hands on one of the pairs and leaves. Kairav asks Vansh what it is. He tells Kairav ​​that all the ladies of the house are observing fast for their husbands.

Kairav ​​asks him if his mother would have kept a fast too. I have rushes out to call Naira.

In the home, everyone is looking for the bangles that Kartik had chosen for Vedika. Kairav ​​shows them the bangles and asks his father Kartik to make Naira wear them. Naira makes Kairav ​​understand that his father bought them for Vedika and that she is his friend. Kairav ​​asks Kartik to bring more beautiful bangles for his mother.

Vedika is seen cleaning the bangles when Gayu tells her that Naira will be present everywhere and you cannot make her go away. Vedika hopes Naira remembers her promise of going away from their lives soon.

Naira is crying and is seen talking to her mother's photograph when Swarna enters and tries to console her.

She asks Naira to remain strong. While talking to Swarna, Naira tells her about Lisa and how her boyfriend ditched her. Swarna then sees the phone number and tells them that it is of the series that their staff members have. Naira decides to go to the office and check for herself.