Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, September 5: Abir and Mishti become romantic

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Kuhu is seen doing a kadha for Mishti . She feels bad for becoming so mean and guilty Kunal for it.

Kuhu goes to Mishti 's room and gives her the kadha. Mishti asks her to go home and spend some time with Kunal. Mishti further says that she will never interfere in her and Kunal 's matter.

Kuhu feels bad for having hurt Mishti. At the office, Kunal thinks how Kuhu made a fool and that she never hated Mishti. He says how he hates the day he met both Kuhu and Mishti.

Open calls up Mishti to check about her health but Rajshri keeps the phone down. He then calls on her landline faking a female voice but it also doesn't work. Open then decides to go and meet Mishti at her home.

And here Mishti is also thinking the same and she decides to go and meet Open at his residence.

Kuhu gets happy seeing Kunal at her home. He doesn't come inside and Kuhu shouts at him. He calls her a liar and they again end up arguing and fighting. He accuses of faking a fight with Mishti so that she could marry him. Kuhu gets angry and drives away his car, leaving him agitated.

Open reaches Mishti 's home and is shocked to find Mishti missing. He gets a call from nanu that there is a thief in his room. He realises that Mishti is hiding in his room. He rushes home and asks everyone to leave his room. He then asks Mishti to come out and they romance each other.