Air India is ready to offer 'Namaskar Sewa' at airports

Mumbai, September 5 () Air India passengers will soon be able to make use of 'Namaskar Sewa', a welcome service in which dedicated staff will receive customers at the airport's entrance gate and help them until they sit in the plane.

The national airline bound for divestment, which is already providing similar services to first-class passengers, will implement the initiative pilot at Delhi airport this month, according to an airline official.

The airline flew more than 81 lakh domestic passengers and more than 35 lakh international passengers during the period from April to June.

Namaskar Sewa would be offered to passengers for a nominal fee, the official said.

The initiative also comes at a time when the airline is dealing with stiff competition and complaints about passenger services.

We have already been providing such services to our first class customers. There is a feedback that, on occasion, business and economic class passengers faced some problems at airports and did not have a pleasant experience.

With Namaskar Sewa, our goal is to address those problems, the official said.

According to him, the initiative would focus more on international passengers, particularly those in transit, as they have to get from one terminal to another.

The airline would have a dedicated team of up to three people to help passengers who register for services through the '' web link.

The number of staff will depend on the number of customers or the size of the group, the official said.

According to the initiative, a client would be received at the airport entrance door and then the airline staff would provide all their requirements until they are seated on the plane.

After Delhi, the initiative would be implemented at the airports of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, where the airline has considerable international operations. Air India is also part of the grouping of 28 Star Alliance global airlines. NIC RAM ANU ANU