It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender; you are born beautiful: Sushant Divgikr

An enthusiastic crowd of over 400 people could not contain their enthusiasm while waiting anxiously Sushant Divgikr to act in a place in the city. When Sushant arrived dressed as a beautiful diva, a sophisticated and elegant version of himself, the audience was fascinated by its charm. Former Mr. Gay India was the owner of the staging when he began to sing. The audience, delighted by his elaborate suit, bright makeup, long eyelashes, dazzling smile and beautiful voice, responded with cheers. His melodious voice is not his only charm; With his sense of humor, he added fun to the already optimistic atmosphere.

 Sushant Divgikr  sings Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory Facebook Twitter Pintrest

Sushant believes in opening doors for others to feel comfortable and bold if they want to act as drag artists. For the young university crowd, Sushant had a special opening message. Do not be afraid to be who you are. It doesn't matter if you're gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, whatever your weight, color or religion, you're born beautiful, so let your light shine, ”said the 29-year-old singer.

20190824_182453900_iOS Sushant with her mother and friend Pashmina Chindhy

Beginning the concert with a swinging note, Sushant sang Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory, sounding strikingly similar to the American singer, songwriter and actress. He also sang songs by Adele, ABBA, Backstreet Boys, Tina Turner and Diana Ross during this two and a half hour concert. The songs that Sushant sang were a reflexive selection of numbers that spoke of love, equality and freedom. Some of the other numbers he sang included Born This Way, Dancing Queen, Rolling in the Deep, I Will Survive and It’s Raining Men, etc., which transported the crowd to the imperishable world of the classics.

 Sushant Divgikr  perform Adele's popular numbers Facebook Twitter Pintrest

Sushant does nothing regular; He went from being a girl to the voice of a man as a boss; The act completely hurt. Obviously taking everyone by surprise! “I have never witnessed such a talent in my life. Seeing him act has allowed me to be who I am and celebrate my whims. I feel liberated here, ”says Sunanya Shah, who is a student at Symbiosis College, Viman Nagar. Avinash Rathee, a young man who had come to the show, said: We've all heard these songs, but the way Sushant sang them and portrayed his drag avatar made the experience so much better.


Sushant, ecstatic, who performed with the popular Weather Girls in Sweden last month, thanked the crowd in Pune. “The kind of response that people give to an artist in the city is very encouraging. Every time I come here, the atmosphere is always charged. This time, I decided to bring my mother also to dive into the frenzy. This kind of love makes an artist work harder towards his trade, ”Sushant said before signing.