Volkswagen ready to bring CNG cars to India if government policy helps

MUMBAI: the largest car manufacturer in the world Volkswagen It is considering CNG as an alternative fuel for the near future before mobility technology finally becomes electric.

If there is a stable policy framework from the government in terms of identifying CNG as one of the solutions to the rising pollution crisis, the German carmaker, which already has a considerable presence in Europe in terms of CNG vehicles, will consider bringing these to India , Steffen Knapp, director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, told ET.

“We are the largest player worldwide in CNG. Depending on the infrastructure, we can do this very fast (in India), ”he said.

If the government pitches for adoption of CNG in terms of setting up fuel stations across the country, increase the import of the fuel to the country, and buy more CNG vehicles for its fleets, it will make a business case for Volkswagen to invest in the technology in India, Knapp explained.

Succeeding in any segment of India requires a high level of localization and being a small player in terms of volumes, the company cannot invest in all technologies unless there is a clear policy-backed trend, he said.

Maruti Suzuki It has announced that it will introduce CNG as an option in all its small cars, as the company plans to stop manufacturing diesel vehicles after April 2020 when the BS-VI standards take effect.

In the mid-term, Volkswagen will focus on petrol-powered SUVs for the Indian market, the executive said. Our future lies in petrol, he said.

Currently, more than 60% of the company's sales in the country are from gasoline vehicles. The future of diesel-powered vehicles in India for the company is uncertain and Knapp has not promised to upgrade its diesel engines to BS-VI emission standards.

The client has also been confused lately due to the lack of a stable policy, he said.