Update from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, September 4: Sikander, Kulfi and Amyrah create the idol of Lord Ganesha

In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala , Sikander take Amyrah, Kulfi and other chawl kids to a restaurant for dinner. Sikander tells Kulfi and Amyrah that he got a job in the restaurant where he plays the piano. He tells kids that they can make Lord Ganesha idol by mud and paper. Sikander goes to pay the bill and gets shocked knowing that he has no money. The manager gets the bill along with cash. He tells Sikander that he dropped cash near the piano and left for the house. Sikander gets happy and country the bill.

In jail, Kulfi 's aunty tells Lovely that she knew jailer will give her kitchen work if she asked for laundry work. Kulfi 's aunty and Lovely make plan to leave jail. She takes a piece of paper and puts it in her slippers. The lady starts checking Lovely and the latter gets panicked. Lovely's enemy sees chit in her slippers but then saves her.

In the chawl, Sikander along with Amyrah, Kulfi, and other kids make Ganesha idol with the help of papers and mud. Finally, they prepare Lord Ganesha idol and everyone gets amazed. The chawl residents give money to Kulfi and tell her to take care of Bappa. Amyrah seeks blessings from Lord Ganesha and tells him that she wants an Air conditioner. Suddenly, Amyrah 's nana gets a brand new AC for her. he starts taunting Sikander and both get into an argument.

Amyrah starts the AC and black smoke comes out from it. She tells her grandfather to take his AC and leave.