2 villages of Uttarakhand fight over the treasure of the Himalayas.

PITHORAGARH: In summer, the people of Dharchula and Munsyari travel to the meadows in higher places to collect keeda jadi, also known as Viagra from the Himalayas and sell it at very high prices in the international market.

However, since the last couple of years, the residents of Bui and Pato are in arms against each other and both claim that Keeda Jadi collected from Ralam and Rajrambha bugyals (meadows) that belongs to them.

The administration had also warned the residents of both villages to resolve their differences, but no. Now, the district administration has been forced to impose section 145 of CrPC (to avoid a breach of the peace in a dispute related to real estate).

Residents of both villages said that the Ralam meadow is under the jurisdiction of van panchayat and that others are not authorized to collect keeda jadi from the area.

To further aggravate the issue, residents of both villages also complained to the subdivisional magistrate of Munsyari RC Gautam.

To solve the problem, the district magistrate of Pithoragarh met with the villagers, but no solution was found. After which, CrPC section 145 was imposed to avoid any adverse incident, said Gautam.