'IT: Chapter 2': FIVE Reasons to Watch Bill Skarsgard's Horror Movie, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain

Two years after terrorizing the audience with horror, the creators of 'IT' are back with a sequel. What makes it more interesting to see is that the plot of the sequel will continue from where it ended, giving fans of the franchise an adult version of their favorite Losers Club. The trailer for 'IT: Chapter 2' also showed the return of Pennywise , the sinister clown dancer of the blockbuster of 2017.

Appropriate sequel to 'IT'

Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschietti He is back with the sequel to his successful 2017 horror outing along with the popular Losers Club character. While the previous installment managed to break many records and impress the audience, much publicity has been made around 'IT: Chapter 2' since its inception and fans have been anxiously waiting to see the second installment.


Return of Pennywise the Dancing Clown

After a threatening performance in 'IT', Bill skarsgard is all set to step into the shoes of his famous character Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The trailer of the film gave us a glimpse of his return after twenty-seven years in the Derry which leads to kids going missing once again. But what makes his character the talk of the town is his ominous character getting deadlier than earlier.


New cast

The adult version of Losers Club will feature James McAvoy , Jessica Chastain , Bill hader Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone and Andy Bean along with the youngest group of stars, who will recreate their camaraderie in the celluloid in the flashbacks that would be shown in 'IT: Chapter 2'. Meanwhile, the new cast of the ensemble adds more arsenal to the team already full of power, which arouses the interest of the audience.


Elements of terror

The second installment of 'It', which is also an adaptation of Stephen King's novel, will become more frightening as manufacturers had already set the bar high with the first installment. With an improved cast of stars, the plot of the film with special effects of special effects promises to give the audience more horror elements than the previous one. The special effects used in the 2017 film had established a benchmark with its homicidal harlequin character creating havoc in the celluloid.


Intriguing argument

The plot of 'It: Chapter 2' is going to continue from where the first installation had come to an end. But the film will revolve around the Loser Club after twenty-seven years and how they will once again try to overcome their fears as well as battle her family issues. The mysterious suspense revolving throughout the film of how to stop the ominous Pennywise makes the script more engaging.