Raahgir-The Wayfarers by Goutam Ghose will have its world premiere at Busan

Goutam Ghose He will present his film entitled Raahgir-The Wayfarers at the Busan Film Festival. His movie, starring Adil Hussain , Tillotama Shome , Neeraj Kabi & Omkar Das Manikpuri , will have a world premiere on October 21.

Raahgir-The Wayfarers is a story about three strangers — Nathuni, Lakhua & Chopatlal. They meet accidentally on a journey & eventually, establish a bond. The film, which is based on a short story by Prafulla Roy, has been shot extensively in & around Jharkand last year.

Talking about the world premiere, Goutam said, “I don’t visit festivals in recent times. There was a time when I was a regular. But I will be there at the Busan Film Festival to present my film. There will be a question-answer round too. It feels nice for the cast & crew when a film makes it to prestigious film festivals. I am happy with the news.”

According to Goutam, his film is a “tale of human empathy during a time of crisis”. “Three strangers, who meet on a journey to the nearest town in search of their livelihood, form the crux of the plot. It is a humane story of common people & their humanity & how they sacrifice their own interests to save the life of a poor elderly couple. I thought it is pertinent to make a film on this subject in today’s world where humanity faces a crisis, where everyone is so intolerant & cruel,” said the director.

Incidentally, the cast has already been praised for their performance. “A friend, who is a European film distributor, watched my film & asked if I had got villagers to act. I guess that’s the biggest compliment. I believe that good acting is all about making it believable. I am so happy that all my actors in this film were so dedicated & gave their best,” said the director.