I don't know why, but I feel that male singers don't have as many opportunities now as before

Winner of the reality show title Ajesh He entered the industry with an explosion almost a decade ago, winning awards and recognition for his singing skills. But lately, the young man, who has sung memorable numbers like Idhu Varai from Goa, Thooral Thedum (Uthamaputhiran) and Idhazhin Oram ( 3 ), you've been taking it slow. Ask him if it was a conscious decision to reduce the number of songs he sings, and Ajesh says, “It’s not a deliberate move. I have a feeling that male singers don’t get as many chances now as they got earlier. I don't know why, and I don't have solid numbers to give you, but I feel that way. That’s why I want to give a chance for newcomers. I post on my social media handle, asking talented singers to drop me their demo so that I can try them out for the movies I am composing for. ”

Meanwhile, Ajesh is composing music for Sarbath , starring Kathir in the lead. “Director Prabhakaran sent me the script and I finished reading it in one night. It was a romantic comedy typical of the town, but it also touched family values. I liked how the story progressed. We have preserved the popular flavor in a single thiruvizha song, and we have experimented with the rest of the songs. The director did not want me to make the sounds too urban, so within the available space, I tried different sounds, he tells us about the music of the movie.