Undiporaadhey appreciated by censorship too

Directed by the debutante Naveen Niyani, Undiporaadhey , which launches tomorrow, stars Tarun Tej & Lavanya in main roles.

Ahead of the film’s release, producer Dr Lingeswaarr said, “The censor board has given a U/A certificate for our film without a single cut. They even said it’s a good movie in recent times, appreciating our team. Confidence over the success of the film has increased by 100 percent because of this.” Speaking about the film’s concept, he added, “The film is a family drama & Naveen had picturised every frame like an experienced director. Lead actors Tarun & Lavanya have acted competitively in the film, making the movie their own. This film will be the career-best for all those who acted in the film.”

Director Naveen added: “The result has been more moving than we expected. Each technician has given everything to the movie. We can't wait to see how the audience captures the movie.