Rajisha Vijayan and Niranjan Raju will visit Annie's kitchen

Actress Rajisha Vijayan who is currently busy promoting her new movie, Finals will be the new guest in the next episode of the cooking and chat show, Annie’s Kitchen. According to the promotion of the program that appeared on the social media page of the channel, Rajisha will appear along with the young actor Niranjan Raju who also plays a leading role in the movie.

In the promotion, Rajisha will have fun with the host, yesteryear. actress Annie with whom you share a close friendship. Annie welcomes her guests in the program and serves them some delicious foods to savor. Later, Annie is sincere with Niranjan, who is the son of actor Maniyanpilla Raju. She pampers him and calls him Vava, which is his name to which his close friends go. Guests will talk about the movie surrounding the life of a young Alice who is an aspiring Kattapana cyclist. The film also features actor Suraj Venjaramoodu in a leading role.