Lizaa Malik: Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration of all things pure

This year was special for actress Lizaa Malik as she welcomed Lord Ganesh in her new house with much enthusiasm. “This year is very special. By the grace of Lord Ganesh a I bought a new house. It is because of his divine blessings that buying a new was possible.

A green wave is making its presence increasingly felt in Ganeshotsav. Going to the environment at home is one thing that Lizaa strictly follows. She said: Ganesh Chaturthi It is a celebration of all pure, intellectual, artistic and prosperous things and the beginning of all the good things in life, since that is why this God is worshiped. During this time, my house is open for guests to visit and eat whenever they want. There is a fun element along with spirituality in this festival. Ganpati Bappa is like a special guest who comes home for a few days. We all surround him with happiness and then we miss him when he leaves.