Fans who ask Suhana Khan not to expose since she is Muslim should not expose her perverted thoughts

NEW DELHI. An image of actor Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana, sitting in a park with a smile on her face, is now on all social media platforms.

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The photo captures Suhana in an elegant cream-colored top combined with black pants. The starkid was mercilessly attacked by Islamists and patriarchal trolls alike for what they called a revealing suit.

Here is a sample of the troll attacks that Suhana faces:

As a Muslim, you should cover your body, You look ugly, Don't show the parts of your body, As SRK's daughter, dress appropriately

Troll suhana

Troll suhana

These sick perverts who attack Suhana think of a woman only as a body to be covered or as a piece of meat. When they look at a woman, their depraved minds do not allow them to look beyond their body or what they are wearing.

They like to exercise complete control over how the woman thinks, acts and speaks. They like to dictate what they should use or not, with whom they should go out, with whom they should not do it: to infinity and even nausea.

Unfortunately for these self-styled Islamist police, there is no law in India that says Muslim women cannot wear the clothes they choose.

It is also hypocritical to see Muslim radicals making this nasty comment only about the women of their religion. We did not find them (and thank God for that) aimed at women of other religions for wearing what they consider revealing clothes.

Interestingly, they avoid women of other religions their moralistic discourse and praise them for being bold. They only like to curb the freedom of their own community.

However, every sensible Indian mind will defend each woman's freedom, regardless of their religion.

Any woman in this world has the right to wear the kind of clothes she wants. It is not what a woman uses that is cheap, it is the mentality of those intolerant trolls. These disgusting fans must first have their own mind in order before joining social media platforms.

These vile trolls that drag young children from celebrities and give them lectures on what they should do to make their parents proud, is, in any case, just ridiculous.

In India, people feel they personally know their celluloid heroes and heroines larger than life. Therefore, they are likely to feel that they also know the families of these stars.

Dear disgusting trolls, the stars don't even know you exist. As for the comments that belittle Suhana, no one, not even SRK or his wife Gauri, cares.