Tujhse Hai Raabta update, September 4: Kalyani is surprised to see Malhar's father alive

In the last episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta Atul before dying says Sarthak & Anupriya to start a new life together. He dies & Ketaki gets arrested. Aao Saheb keeps food in the name of Atul & Kalyani promises to keep her family happy always. Atharva requests Kalyani to let him take Moksh with him to meet his new friend.

Atharva calls his friend, who covers himself with a shawl. Anupriya sees Aao Saheb going to market to buy vegetables & stops her. She tells Aao Saheb that she or Pallavi will go later to buy them. But Aao Saheb shouts at her & tells her that she does not need any kind of sympathy from anyone. Sarthak buys vegetables from the vendors outside the house. Aao Saheb gets surprised to see the vendors outside their house. Sarthak informs Aao Saheb that Atul's goodwill got the vendors outside their house.

Malhar goes into his room & sees a gajra. Sarthak tells Malhar that his mother used to wear gajra in her hair. He says Malhar that if his mother would have been alive she would have felt proud seeing Malhar on this day of his felicitation.

Malhar tells Sarthak that the day his father met with his accident he had also gone to get gajra for his mother. Kalyani searches for Atharva who took Moksh. On the other side, Atharva is playing with Moksh & his new friend leaves. Atharva kicks the ball & the tile falls. Atharva's new friend saves Moksh from getting injured. Kalyani arrives at the location & thinks that the man was taking Moksh away. She starts fighting with him. She remembers seeing him following Malhar several times & threatens to call Malhar .

Kalyani pushes the man & is about to hit him. But Sarthak stops her & reveals that he is Malhar 's father. Kalyani is left shocked.

Kalyani tells him that she knew that Malhar 's father was dead. Madhav tells her that he was against selling his music & he had to run the family. Madhav tells them that he was going to commit suicide but Malhar 's sister Swara changed his mind.

He tells Kalyani that he married the second time to give the mother's love to Swara & has a son from his second wife.

As Madhav is about to leave, Kalyani stops him & tells him to meet Malhar . Kalyani tries to convince Madhav to meet his son.