Phagun Bou update, September 4: former lovers Tultuli and Nilanjan meet after years

In the last of Phagun bou , Tuki you convince Tultuli to be present at her pre-wedding ritual. To convince Tultuli, Tuki uses all possible ways. Finally, she promises to be there.

Nilanjana asks Roddur to speak with Mohul. But he is still gloomy and refuses to speak. She asks him to tell that Meghna is out of his life. Roddur says that Mohul He is not happy with his career as a singer. The current problems between the couple sadden other family members.

Nilanjan and his mother arrive at Ghosh's residence for Ashirbad. He gets nostalgic and thinks he used to come to the neighborhood to leave his ex-girlfriend. Nilanjan believes that his ex-girlfriend should be happy in his married life.

Nilanjan's mother asks them to start the rituals. Family members take care of the arrangements.

During the conversation, he asks about Tuki’s elder sister (Tultuli) about whom he (Tuki) had mentioned.

Mohul comes and Barshan introduces her to Nilanjan. Tuki drags Tultuli to the hall. Mohul praises Tuki.

Nilanjan gets the shock of his life seeing Tuki, who is his ex-girlfriend.

They share a glance. Tuki notices it and becomes happy. Nilanjan stands still like a stone. Tultuli’s dad tells them about her ill fate and failed married life. Nilanjan gets devastated learning that.

Mohul asks Nilanjan whether he knows Tultuli. While Nilanjan says yes, Tultuli denies. As the ladies are busy in the wedding rituals, Tuki asks Nilanjan to chat with Tultuli. She wants them to face each other. He hesitates but Roddur offers him to show the house.

Later, Roddur takes Nilanjan to Tultuli’s room. She is seen upset seeing Nilanjan after all these years.