Yamaha MT-15 road test review: looks bad, makes the right noise

NEW DELHI: Can you remember motorcycles of less than 200 cc, which accelerated your heart on the tracks? For years, the R15 through its iterations has made a statement, whether it looks or feels sporty in the mass market passenger segment. Yamaha improved the game, took the next step and introduced the MT-15, a streetfighter with the heart of the R15 and a menacing look.

Fast straights and knee bends on the race track were never a skill area for MT-15, something that R15 could easily trace. A few months ago, we circled the International Circuit of Buddh on the MT-15. Dejected there, we always wanted to test the MT. After spending a week, traveling more than 500 kilometers by bike, here we are, trying to address the quintessential questions regarding the streetfighter:

MT-15 1MT-15 1

How does it look?

That is ... yes, you cannot take your eyes off the front group shaped like a Samurai helmet, which houses two bi-LED headlights and a projector beam. The release and dispersion of light are good but lack intensity, which can disturb you in situations of total darkness.

A negative LCD screen clearly shows speed, revolutions, gear position and other readings. The quality of Switchbox is decent, however, the horn and indicator keys turn, which takes a little time to get used to. The handlebar is a single unit, mostly flat, with a slight dip in the middle and, more importantly, keeps the pilot in an upright position, unlike the R15 sports car.

MT-15 2MT-15 2

The body is well proportioned, with a greater mass that falls between the front and middle section. The tank provides a muscular sensation due to a sculpted structure and a blue-based graphic pad.

The engine space is bare, but neat, something that continues to the rear. The seat is well padded, however, the lonely unit provides enough space for the driver, but is tight for the passenger. Despite an extensively long grab bar, which looks ugly but does the job, the backside seems trimmed. The rear fender, the zipper exhaust and the LED brake lights are the same as most rivals.

MT-15 3MT-15 3

Is the engine running?

By numbers, it is only a liquid-cooled 155 cc configuration, which generates a modest power of 19.3 PS and a maximum torque of 14.7 Nm. Get on the road and MT-15 will surprise you. Whether it is at low speed or near the three-digit mark on the speedometer, the bicycle never runs out of breath. Thanks to a VVA (variable valve drive) system with two intake valve cams: one for low to medium range rpm and one for high rpm. The change occurs at approximately 7,000 rpm, which guarantees good power and torque throughout the entire speed range.

The body is agile and the engine is absolutely refined. Whether it is at 3,000 rpm or three times, the vibrations on the footrests, the handlebars and the tank are negligible. Although it is not impressively fast, the MT-15 can reach 60 km/h in less than four seconds and we could reach a top speed of around 122 km/h. However, designed for urban displacements, the MT is stable at 30 km/h even in the sixth gear, showing great maneuverability. In addition, the slip and assist clutch presented on the MT-15 is a bright inclusion, which acts on the light of the lever and reduces the chances of wheel lock or quick jump.

MT-15 4MT-15 4

On the move, MT offers a huge mileage of 48.5 kmpl. Well, squeeze the throttle less and you can eliminate all your weekly fuel refill concerns. The number, however, the number sinks marginally on the road. However, a 10-liter tank, combined with at least 45 kilometers against a liter of gasoline, will support your cheap weekend emotions. In general, the engine seemed very stable, eager to pull and very intuitive.

Parts of the cycle:

The new MT 15 adopted the deltabox framework, commonly used in R15. Quite rigid, the bicycle is suspended on telescopic front forks and rear monoshock. The combination is not adjustable and works correctly at speeds above 60 km/h. At low speed, due to the plush configuration and limited suspension travel, the ride quality is irregular over potholes.

Easy to handle in traffic due to its compact dimensions, the MT operates on 17-inch wheels and has single-channel ABS (anti-lock braking system) in the front. While the bite of the brakes is commendable, it is difficult to reason why MT loses the dual channel ABS.

MT-15 5MT-15 5


As a package, the MT is very nice. Choose it for your daily trip to the city or for occasional trips, the bicycle will accompany you comfortably. And you can't put a price on the appearance. From a distance, the MT-15 resembles the largest and most powerful MT-09.

The price, however, is little out of order. At Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), MT is only Rs 4,000 below the R15 race specification. On top of that, in a fierce market, TVS Apache RTR 200 4V and Pulsar NS 200 offer everything MT does, and more, at a much lower price. However, the hat drives the case for Yamaha MT-15 It is the Japanese technology on board and the reliability that comes with the name.