Kannada's TV show 'Nammane Yuvarani' completes 200 episodes

Kannada's popular daily soap Nammane Yuvarani 'has successfully completed 200 episodes. Lately, the program is also achieving a better score on the TRP lists.

Nammane Yuvarani revolves around a chirpy young girl Meera, the daughter of a hardworking woman who works as a cook at Saaket's place. But his family members treat Meera Like family She develops a strong relationship with the family and tries to save them from betrayers. As the family members gear up to celebrate the wedding rituals of Meera. Ahalya (antagonist) conspires against Meera and tries to get her married to Pratheek only to throw her out of the house. While the family members get excited to celebrate the wedding rituals, Saaketh & Aniketh (male protagonist) are unhappy with this. They are aware of Aniketh 's love for Meera.

In a shocking turn of events, Meera stops the wedding & confesses her love for Aniketh . Saaketh gets overjoyed & gets Meera & Aniketh married.

Nammane Yuvarani is one of the most loved daily soaps on Kannada TV. Now, the show is all set to spice up the upcoming episodes with yet another interesting twist.