Did you know that Soumya Bhat of Lakshmi Baramma's fame was a teacher?

Yes, you read it right. Soumya Bhat , who rose to fame playing the character of Medha in Lakshmi Baramma, was once a high school teacher. She began her career as a teacher at Dakshina Kannada, which is also her hometown.

The actress completed her Sanskrit graduation at RSVP College in Tirupathi and joined a school known in her home country as a Sanskrit teacher. Soumya enjoyed her profession to the fullest and was one of the most popular teachers among the students.

In addition to being a successful teacher, Soumya was also a social media enthusiast. Little did she know that her social media profile would give her a chance in the entertainment industry.

Director Jagadish Malnad noticed Soumya's social media profile and offered him a small role in his series 'Milana'. The actress, who had developed an interest in performing arts since childhood, decided to try it and thus began her career in the field of acting.

In a short period of time, Soumya managed to accumulate some projects in her kitten. He managed to put the Medha character in a popular daily soap 'Lakshmi Baramma' and became a household name.

That's not all, Soumya is also a dubbing artist and has lent her voice to a pretty popular actress.