Nagabharana's budget cost him Juei Cross

Kannada film director Nagabharana , who was supposed to direct Chirajeevi Sarja-starrer Jugi Cross , is now officially out of the project. The reason, as stated by the film's producer: Kaddipudi Chandru, has to do with the fact that the director's budget expectations played hindrance to the tie up.nI am not able to meet the budget that Nagabharana expects for this film. We discussed the matter with him and his son Pannaga Bharana and has decided to quit, said the producer. However, the film is still at stake, as the producer is looking for another director who can match the budget set by the producer. So far, the film producer, which was launched in February 2019, has cornered a stellar team that includes actors such as Rangayana Raghu and Karisubbu The movie's music is said to be composed of Vasuki Vaibav and has HC Venu as director of photography.