Archivist and musician Devajit Bandyopadhyay completes four decades of his career.

Archivist and musician Devajit Bandyopadhyay, who has scored for several Bengali theater productions, recently organized his solo concert, Aalochhayar Gaan, to commemorate the end of 40 years in the music industry. In addition to music, Devajit is known for its archival projects aimed at preserving the popular culture of Bengal, ancient music and articles and posters related to art. He has preserved old documents related to Bengali theater, cinema, music and popular culture for the past 30 years. Preserving old songs, especially the songs of the Bengali theater, Devajit has earned name and fame in the field of documenting the glorious past of our popular culture. Speaking about the program, Riddhi said: “The program was organized to celebrate Devajit's trip in the music industry by presenting an unusual theme he has been working on for many years. He specializes in Mancha Gaan and has preserved the glorious past of our theater songs for almost 30 years. It deserves more than this. ” Devajit is an acclaimed musician, performer, theater and film activist. He has completed his PhD from the University of Jadavpur in Music in Theater. He was awarded Munier Chowdhury Samman of Bangladesh in 2018. He researches, directs and performs at the Mancha Gaan (theater song) concerts, also known as Natya Sangeet in India and abroad. In addition to making TV films, he is also the author and compiled several articles and titles on music, theater, cinema and jatra for the publications of Sahitya Akademi, Oxford University Press, Ananda Publishers and many others of the same reputation. He obtained the Junior Scholarship (1992-1994), the Senior Scholarship (1996-1998) and the Tagore National Researcher Scholarship (2011-2012) by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Devajit has performed in numerous national and international forums, including National School of Drama, International Theater Festival, New Delhi, 7th NABC 1987, California, 37th NABC 2017, Santa Clara, California, Nazrul Convention 2018, Washington DC, London Sharad Utsav, Eighteenth International Festival of Amateur Theater, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Bengali International Drama Festival, Toronto, Bengali Theater Songs on Radio, BBC, London, International Theater Festival, Dhaka. He has also captivated audiences and students at the University of Calcutta; University of the Presidency University of Jadavpur, University of Rabindra Bharati and others.