Ke Apon Ke Update By September 4: Tandra wants to prevent Joba from appearing for the exam

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Tandra Mix some harmful chemicals with the colors and ask Kuhu to decorate with them.

Kuhu hesitates to touch the color for fear that his mother Joba will scold. Tandra convinces her to do that. Right when Kuhu intends to touch it, Joba comes and stops her. She asks Kuhu to sleep. Itu comes and offers help to Tandra.

Itu intends to touch the color but Tandra holds her hand tightly. She takes the color and leaves. Her behavior leaves Itu surprised. Next day, Itu gets surprised seeing the decoration. Param too gets surprised. Lalita comes and praises Rumpa aka Tandra.

Joba gears up for the exam. Family members are excited. Joba gets surprised seeing the decoration. Tandra comes and takes all the credit of staying awake the entire night and decorating for Jhulan Purnima .

Mayuri asks Tandra to go shopping but the latter makes an excuse and leaves. Lalita also leaves the room citing some random excuse. She meets Tandra in the room. Tandra shares her next move with her. Tandra shares how she took Joba’s documents which are necessary for the exam.

Tanda becomes happy that Joba won’t be allowed to appear for the exam.

Later, she takes Mayuri to Koel’s room and lures the latter showing an advertisement published by a rock band. She encourages Koel to join the band as a singer and promises her to convince Joba to allow her (Koel) for the same.

In the flashback, it is shown that Tandra bribed the members of a rock band for the advertisement.