Koushani doesn't like Bonny making intimate scenes with other actresses

Did you know that Koushani (Mukherjee) gets angry Yes Beautiful Sengupta kisses any heroine on screen? “She doesn’t really get angry , but she surely raises an eyebrow at intimate scenes, especially those involving Kisses . ‘How long will you go on Kisses other girls?’ she would ask me,” said Beautiful , with a laugh.

Beautiful has done quite a number of films with Riitika. Does Koushani get angry about that? “Not really,” said the actor, who is desperately trying to shed weight by working out at the gym and doing yoga. “I had to put on weight to play Aniket in Rajib’s Love Story. Rajibda had told me that Aniket was a character with shades of grey. So, to make the character look believable, I had to put on weight. In fact, I even developed a double chin! Now it has become really difficult to shed those extra few kilos,” said Beautiful .

A triangular love story, the film revolves around Aniket and Chandan, who study in the same school and are bosom friends. Aniket came to know from Chandan that he loved a girl named Ranja from their class. Chandan asks Aniket to propose Ranja on his behalf. Aniket does so, but is surprised when he gets to know that Ranja has feelings for him instead. Aniket says yes to her proposal and their love story begins. Chandan, on the other hand, makes it his mission to separate the lovebirds. Ranja’s family is dead against her mixing with Aniket. So, they shift out of the city overnight. Aniket has no clue what happens, and Chandan tries to create miscommunication out of the confusion. “How will Aniket find her? Will they meet again? That’s what the film is all about,” Beautiful said.