Koilamma Update, September 4: Lakshmi takes a stand against Ashok; support Kokila

In the last episode of Koilamma , Ramesh Chandra says he can't have Kokila Like your daughter-in-law anymore. Lakshmi tries to appease him but Ashok objects to it. He asks Lakshmi to leave Kokila and get inside. Jagadamba asks why they should look after Kokila. Ramesh Chandra says Kokila is the illegitimate daughter of Manoj and that’s why he is leaving her at his place as a responsible person. Ramesh Chandra leaves.

Lakshmi feels guilty for advising her to reveal everything to Amar. Kokila says that Amar got to know the truth much before. Lakshmi asks Kokila to get inside the house further assuring to take care of the rest. Ashok poses a serious objection to this.

He orders Lakshmi to leave Kokila adding that she deserves abandonment. Lakshmi tries to explain to him. Ashok refuses to listen to anything about Kokila. He asks Lakshmi to choose between him and Kokila. Manoj asks Ashok not to punish Lakshmi for Kokila’s mistakes.

Lakshmi defends Kokila and refuses to leave her. Jagadamba intervenes and says that Kokila can't enter because the house belongs to Manoj. Indraja covers up by stating that the house belongs to everyone. Ashok orders Lakshmi to leave Kokila. Kokila begs Lakshmi not to get punished for her sake but the latter stays adamant about her decision.

Manoj blames Kokila for the situation and asks Lakshmi not to defend her. Ashok asks Manoj to leave Lakshmi to her fate.

Meanwhile, Sameer accosts Amar for standing as a silent witness while their father (Ramesh Chandra) abandoned Kokila. Sameer further defends Kokila and questions his silence during a crucial situation like this. He adds that Kokila must have lost respect for him and the entire family. Amar replies that he couldn’t utter any word out of respect and love for his father.