Lakshmi Baramma Update, September 4: Chandhan rescues Shruthi

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma Chandhan calls Bhargavi Devi and informs him that he will save Lakshmi. Bhargavi Devi is surprised, but finally gives him the address where Lakshmi is captive.

She disconnects the call and continues walking towards Shruthi. She informs him about Chandhan's decision and cleverly tries to manipulate Shruthi. Surprisingly, Shruthi gives Bhargavi Devi an appropriate response and supports Chandhan's decision.

Meanwhile, Arun upon learning that Chandhan has decided to save Lakshmi but not Shruthi, informs Lakshmi about the same. Lakshmi is surprised at his life. She asks Arun to let her talk to Chandhan. Arun does not listen to Lakshmi. Instead, try to conspire against her. Lakshmi gets angry and attacks Arun.

Then he snatches the mobile phone, calls Chandhan and asks him to save Shruthi. Fearing that Bhargavi Devi may harm Shruthi, Lakshmi asks him to hurry.

Lakshmi talks about all the happy incidents in his life and thanks Chandhan for being part of it. She looks for a promise from Chandhan ensuring she takes care of Shruthi and the children. Chandhan gets excited and tries to encourage Lakshmi to be strong.

While talking on the phone, Lakshmi falls unconscious.

On the other hand, Chandhan arrives at the place where Shruthi had been captive and saves her. Shruthi cares about Lakshmi's safety and asks about his whereabouts.

Unable to answer Shruthi's question, Chandhan seeks an apology from Shruthi, which leaves her surprised.